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Feeding Schedule

Over feeding fish is an ultimate killer for aquarists. When you over feed the fish, the uneaten food lays in the bottom and starts to decay with bacteria. Once the decay starts is when your clean water starts to get polluted with ammonia and waste. It’s an evil process of build up. If your tank has gravel, its almost impossible to see it.

Sometimes it is advised for beginners not to use gravel so you can see if uneaten food lays on the bottom. This way you know if your feeding your fish too much and to back off the amount less. Long story short, over feeding your fish actually starves the water of oxygen in which they use to breath.

how long do the goldfish live

Water Changes
Your fish tank is going to consume waste from fish feces and uneaten food. Without getting too scientific, your water is going to start getting gross and full of bacteria. This is why routine water changes are a necessity. There is no need to change all if the water at once but instead only change 30-40% of it. Siphon vacuums work great for cleaning the tank without having to carry the tank anywhere. It involves a bucket and the siphon hose. I highly encourage the use of them because of how easy they make cleaning an aquarium.

how long do the goldfish live

Treating New Water
Water that comes straight out of your faucet and into your fish tank needs to e treated with conditioner. Chlorine and other chemicals can be harmful to the fish. The water conditioner makes the water safe for your fish to breath through. You can also let water sit for 24 hours and wait out the dechlorination process. With water changes, using a conditioner is so much easier then the waiting process.

Food Diversity
Everyone gets sick of eating the same thing over and over. Your goldfish is no exception. Flake food is what most people feed these guys on an everyday routine. If I ate the same thing everyday… I would be deeply depressed.

Find your goldfish some worms and insects or cut up small pieces of fruits and vegetables. Goldfish eat almost anything they can fit in their mouth in the natural living habitat. Just make sure not to over feed them too much and just have the uneaten food sit in the water making decay and ammonia levels.[URL]null[/URL]= Rubrik =

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