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Session saving extension for Chrome

I'm using Session Buddy and i'm looking for an alternative.

What pisses me off about SB:

1. if you have multiple windows in a session and you save the session there is no way to tell it to restore all the windows next time you run it, rather it will only restore one window and then you have to get it to restore the others manually, which leads to:

2. when it restores windows it loads all the tabs immediately, which, KILLS the computer loading all that stuff into memory.

So I'm looking for an alternative that can restore all tabs at startup and doesn't load all the tabs when you restore a session.

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Postad 08:44 - 8:e November 2017
How exactly are device drivers and interrupt handlers connected?

Hi guys,

So, recently, I finished reading Intel's big manual; I learned a ton.

Anyway, I was very disappointed to see that there wasn't any attention paid specifically to two big low level sub-systems for modern computer systems: device drivers and the graphics system.

Despite the fact that the word 'driver' appears 44 times in the PDF (I control-Fed it) there isn't a chapter dedicated to drivers nor any real explanation as to how drivers and interrupt handlers are supposed to interact.

I assume that the interrupt handler at some point calls out to the driver to query the hardware I/O device by reading status registers on that I/O device to ascertain the nature of the interrupt and obtain other status information.

But, where is the device driver stored?

Is it subject to paging, or is it part of the kernel?

I assume that the driver has to occupy the same place in memory every boot, otherwise the interrupt handler wont' be able to find it boot to boot.

What happens if no driver exists for the I/O device?

At initialization, before boot, the UEFI / BIOS should assign the I/O device an interrupt number (by writing to a memory location on the I/O device I think) to call into the IDT.

I don't think that the presence or absence of a driver effects that process; I don't think that the initialization code has any knowledge of drivers at all (wait, what about low level I/O devices like mice that run before the OS is booted? Maybe, I'm not entirely correct here).

If no driver has been loaded for some I/O device and that device fires an interrupt on the line assigned to it by the BIOS, what happens?


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Postad 08:40 - 8:e November 2017
Cat 3126 hard to start after sitting two days

HEUI cat 3126 cranks but will not start after sitting over the weekend unless you crank the hell out of it. When it does start it will fire on all but one cylinder and will run out of it and run fine after about a min of idling. replaced check valve on the back of the head, it was definitely bad but problem is still occurring with same symptoms. fuel filter stays full of fuel and oil is on the full mark. checked flash codes on dash and I get a 61 which I believe is overheat.
(we are a rural school district with 90% gravel roads, terrible place for a rear engine bus we constantly have to wash out the radiator and I replace the engine air filter every 2-3 weeks.)
Does anyone know if I can pressurize the injector oil rail and be able to see if I have a bad injector o-ring on the oil or fuel side? I believe it to be a problem with injector oil pressure but I do not have a scan tool to check pressure nor do I have a 6000psi gauge to manually check it. Once its running it runs just fine.

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Startup Launch

Postad 08:35 - 17:e Oktober 2017
How much should I charge to add an e-commerce

I moved recently to Switzerland and I have no idea how the prices work. I was asked to add a page to a website, this page will be about an event where people could download stuff, buy tickets and give an evaluation.
I don't want to charge too much or too little, I don't know what to do... any ideas? It doesn't matter if the prices are not from Switzerland, I just want to have an idea of how much to charge.

Also, the website is made in the CMS TYPO3, that would make the job harder because I would have to learn this app...

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Postad 08:24 - 17:e Oktober 2017
Rochester reports... any news?

I'm surprised we've had no reports from AWA Rochester.
Would love to read some objective reports, see photos
of the jam packed flea market, the fantastic contest entries.
What happened?

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References: ... 4&t=326192

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Postad 08:17 - 17:e Oktober 2017

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