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Where Do I Enter My 1099-R in TurboTax

Are you filing your tax returns for the first time using TurboTax? Then you definitely saw 1099-R error in TurboTax. There is no need to worry, you get a 1099-R if you reached $10 or more than $10 from a retirement plan. Here's some easy step to enter your 1099-R in TurboTax:
1.    You need to open return if you don't,
2.    In TurboTax, Type 1099-R in the search box, and click on the link or search results.
3.    Answer “Yes” on the 1099-R screen, and then select “Continue” for the next step.
4.    If you land on the 1099-R Entries screen instead, then you need to select “Add another 1099-R”.
5.    Now, Select how you want to enter your 1099-R and then follow the instructions
TurboTax helpline is active 24 hours a day so contact TurboTax technical support number and ask one of the professional tax consultants, they will guide you while filling out your 1099-R form on TurboTax.

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