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Manually Download & Install the Windows 10 Update using ISO File

Microsoft made the Windows 10 Update by ISO file available for download.
If you want to download the ISO file, Then, you can download it from there, though we’d always download the ISOd file from the official website.
But it does mean that if you want to work a fresh Install of the Windows 10 Update, rather than upgrading your latest version of Windows 10 Update, you can do so.
ISO files are disc images that enable you to create bootable CDs or DVDs or Create a Bootable USB drive. So, that you can work a fresh Install of the Windows 10 Update.

You can try the following links to download the Windows 10 Update ISO file:

1. Windows 10 May 2019 Updates 1903 (64bit)
2. Windows 10 May 2019 Update 1903 (32 bit)

To make a bootable USB driver use Microsoft’s Windows USB/DVD download tool.

Postad 11:32 - Igår
Windows 10 Speakers Not Working

Yes, it is a common problem in windows 10 based devices, and it generally occurs when you update your system. There can be many solutions to Windows 10 speakers not working problems.

1. First, you should go to settings and open the troubleshooter for audio devices.
2. Make sure that all the audio devices are plugged in or wirelessly connected.
3. Check if your audio input or output device is set to default when you are using it.
4. You can also try to restart audio services in windows 10.

If nothing is working, then you might want to update or Reinstall the audio drivers on your device.

Postad 12:13 - 14:e Februari 2020
How to Install Office 365 on Windows PC?

If you want really encounter any issues during the installation process for office 365. Please refer to our complete knowledge base Article “How to install Office 365 on your PC or how to resolve common Microsoft Office 2013 and 365 installation issues using Microsoft resource’. The steps and tools include should help solve any issues experienced.

Postad 07:17 - 27:e November 2019
How to Activate Microsoft Office 365 Without Product Key?

Do you really want to activate office 365 without a product key? You can use these steps to activate the office.

Method 1: Use Batch File to Activate Office 365

1. You can visit here to copy this code by given here:
2. After copy code, You can create a new text document.
3. Then, You can paste the code into a text file. Then save it batch file of this (named “1click.cmd”).
4. You run the batch file as an administrator.
5. Please wait for run batch file
6. Done! Your Office is activated successfully for use.

Then you can check the activation status again.
Source: Activate Microsoft Office 365

Also visit here:

Postad 07:52 - 20:e November 2019
How to Download Office 365

To How to Download Office 365, you can purchase it from Microsoft site. After you have bought the Office 365 subscription, you need to log in to your Microsoft account where you will get the downloadable links. Once you have downloaded the program, you can install it on your device by running the downloaded file. After the program gets installed on your PC, you can start using any of the Office 365 apps.

Postad 08:36 - 13:e November 2019

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