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johnnyhenderson 17:08 - 10:e Oktober 2017 | Post #1
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For school purposes, i have my laptop using the Windows 10 default text-to-speech engine. The main programs I use are the Kindle for PC and Logos Bible Software, both of which rely on the default Windows 10 TTS engine to read the books to me. Microsoft Zira is good, but i know there are better TTS engines available, i have an iVona voice i use on my phone.
What i am trying to do is replace Microsoft Zira with something better that will be easier to listen to for hours at a time. Despite a couple of hours on Google I can not find a solution to this. There is TTS software available, but it is the kind where you enter. While cool, its not useful for my audio books. I also found solutions for 32-bit windows 7 computers, and they were not compatible with my 64-bit Windows 10 laptop.
So any suggestions? I know there must be something for this somewhere.

I did not find the right solution from the internet.


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Forum huvudsida -> Övrigt -> Better TTS in Windows 10
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