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Sib911 19:33 - 9:e April 2010 | Post #1
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Jag är ny när det gäller programmering och nu har jag skrivit en kod i python som representerar spelet tic tac toe. Men den gör inte riktigt som jag vill. Jag vill att datorn ska försöka förhindra den andra från att vinna, och det ska dessutom kunna bli oavgjort och att det då printas ut "It's a tie" eller nåt liknande, men jag har inte lyckats. Finns det någon som skulle kunna hjälpa mig med koden? Jag har kämpst länge med det.

  1. import random
  3. Board = ['1 ', '2', '3 ', '4', '5 ', '6', '7 ', '8', '9 ']
  5. EMPTY = "_"
  6. X = "X"
  7. O = "O"
  8. TIE = "TIE"
  9. NUM_SQUARES = 9
  10. X = player
  11. computer = O
  13. def Playboard ():
  14. XRange for rx in (0.3):
  15. rx = r * 3
  16. print '|% s |% s |% s |'% (board [r 0], board [r +1], board [r 2])
  17. print
  19. def Win ():
  20. a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i = Board
  21. winlist = [(a, b, c), (d, e, f), (g, h, i), (a, d, g), (b, e, h), (c, f, and )
  22. (A, e, i), (g, e, c)]
  23. winning = False
  24. for the in winlist:
  25. f in [0] == in [1] == in [2]:
  26. winning = w [0]
  28. winning return
  30. playerwin = False
  31. Run = True
  32. while Run:
  33. Playboard ()
  35. choice = True
  36. while choice:
  37. play = raw_input ("Make a move, 1-9")
  38. play.lower f () in ["quit", "exit", "close", "end"]:
  39. choice = Run = False
  41. try:
  42. play = int (play)
  43. int f (Board [play-1]) == play:
  44. Board [play-1] = 'X'
  45. choice = False
  46. Except:
  47. pass
  49. Win f ():
  50. playerwin = True
  51. Playboard ()
  52. print "You Win!"
  53. Run = False
  55. f playerwin == False:
  56. Moves = []
  57. XRange for n in (0.9):
  58. if board [n] == str (n +1):
  59. Moves.append (str (n))
  61. Random.randint X = (0, len (Moves) -1)
  62. X = Moves [X]
  63. Board [int (X)] = "O"
  65. Win f ():
  66. #if all ([et al ['X', 'O'] for i in Board]):
  67. # Print "REMI"
  68. # Playerwin = True
  69. # Run = False
  70. Playboard ()
  71. print "Computer Win!"
  72. Run = False

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bridgetlawrence 07:15 - 19:e September 2017 | Post #2
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alinakl 15:05 - 27:e September 2017 | Post #3
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Lydiawade 13:36 - 10:e Oktober 2017 | Post #4
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quickessayhelp 08:36 - 18:e Oktober 2017 | Post #5
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Emmagranger 07:57 - 18:e November 2017 | Post #6
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elianahermione12 07:22 - 23:e November 2017 | Post #7
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Programming and now I have composed a code in python that speaks to the amusement tic tac toe Be that as it may, it doesn't generally fill Online Essay Help in as I need the PC to endeavor to keep the other from winning and it ought to be a draw and that it will be printed It's a tie something comparable however I have not succeeded. Is there any individual who could help me with the code I've been battling for quite a while.

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ElizaJabeen 14:24 - 2:a December 2017 | Post #8
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sophiajames12500 12:03 - 9:e December 2017 | Post #9
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AhmedKhan 13:12 - 5:e Januari 2018 | Post #10
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AhmedKhan 13:08 - 6:e Januari 2018 | Post #11
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BrettSmith 13:11 - 11:a Januari 2018 | Post #12
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AdamMilne 08:15 - 16:e Januari 2018 | Post #13
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