How to first meet a man

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How to first meet a man
In modern society still living in the stereotype that the girl is not worth it to take the initiative and be the first to get acquainted with the man. But if you think about it, why can't a woman be the first to meet a man she likes?

There's nothing wrong with being the first to talk to a man you're interested in. But where and how to do it better, so that the conversation does not look like a clear attempt to get acquainted.

First of all, you need to decide for yourself, for what purpose you want to meet a man and who exactly you are looking for. Determine the qualities that must have your new friend, or Vice versa, those that should not be in any case (addiction to alcohol, rudeness, etc.).

If you are determined to take the initiative and get to know the man first, try to avoid the mistakes that girls make most often:

Do not rush things, do not rush to talk first with a man who you liked. Try a little flirt with him "from afar", showing their interest. It is likely that the initiative to get acquainted will come from him.

Having met, you do not need to clearly show your feelings. Demonstrate your interest and let him manage the situation.

Do not necessarily seek to get acquainted first, look around — perhaps next to you is a young man who shows you a clear sympathy. Answer the looks and smiles of young people, while not forgetting what kind of man you drew in your imagination.
Where is it possible to first meet a man, that it is not alerted? Yes, anywhere — street, cafe, cinema, office center, Parking in front of the supermarket, home appliance store, etc. you only Need to know how to first meet a man, so it looked completely random meeting and did not hurt his pride, because it is important for a man to feel like a hunter.

So, where and how to first meet the man of your dreams:

Very often it is office Dating that leads to a long-term relationship. A favorite and quite effective method that girls resort to is to stumble and drop the folder with the documents in such a way that the object of interest becomes a witness to this.

Of course, he will try to help collect the paper, while you will certainly meet the views — and here it is, an occasion for acquaintance.

Gym, driving school, etc.
In the gym or on the tennis court, you can ask a young man to explain the technique of exercises, or you can go further — accidentally stumble and referring to the pain in the leg to ask for help to reach the locker room.

Weddings and birthdays of friends, corporate events.
Wanting to meet the man of your dreams, do not forget about two simple rules — inaccessibility and a minimum of alcohol. Do everything to get his attention, and then disappear from his field of vision. It will take a little time, and he will begin to look for you among the guests.
Internet cafe, bookstore.
Walking slowly among the bookshelves, ask a man to help you choose a book as a gift or ask if he has read a particular work and could not share his opinion about what he read. Sitting at the computer in the Internet cafe, ask for help in setting up.

Pretend that you need to get the product from the top shelf and ask for help from a young man nearby.

Another way to get acquainted is to ask a man to "work" as a model and try on a shirt or t-shirt that you choose for your brother or father.

A flat wheel or a fictional breakdown — there are many reasons for acquaintance on the road. And even if the young man who agreed to help will not become your destiny, you can find a reliable mechanic for your car.

Most often, romantic acquaintances are tied at the resorts or even on the plane on the way to the place of rest. Of course, they do not always turn into a serious long-term relationship, but maybe a non-binding novel is exactly what you need now?

In search of information, how to first meet a man, and at the time of implementation of various methods, do not forget that everything should look natural and at ease.

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