Correct score betting

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Correct score betting
The excitement from the first betting for beginners betting shops fairly quickly, and they begin to look at the lines more interesting outcomes than a bet to win and total goals. One of these options is to bet on the exact account that bookmakers give to many team and single sports. Players betting on the exact account are attracted primarily by their high coefficients.

The coefficients on the main outcomes Tottenham : Arsenal

Take for example the Tottenham – Arsenal match. Coefficients on the main outcomes in Pin Up looks like this: 2.37-3.30-3.00 ahhh! And now pay attention to what quotes the bookmaker gives to the exact account. If you put $ 100 on a very likely guest victory Arsenal with the score 2:1, then if successful, your winnings will be $ 1100.

In what sports can you bet on the exact score?

football, hockey (goals and pucks count)
volleyball (score by game)
tennis (there are two types of bets: on the account of sets and on the account of games in a separate set)
other sports (in major tournaments, bookmakers give similar markets to Futsal, ball hockey, beach football and other sports.)
High coefficient. Play on the main outcomes and the coefficient 3.50 will be for you "fat", and betting on the exact account, even the coefficient 10.00 will become commonplace.
The possibility of counter-bids. Take a football match between two teams with a weak attack and a strong goal line. Most likely the game will be up to a goal and it is possible only three options 1:0, 0:0 and 0:1. You can't put three primary outcome because of the margin of the office, but these three account factors probably will be in the 6.00-8.00. Even if you bet $ 100 on each of these accounts, if you win your winnings will be at least $ 600.
It is not wrong?
Statistics of goals to find regularities, find patterns. Look at the top six Premier League teams this season. Manchester United have already played 5 times with the score 0:0, West ham four times played with the score 2:2, and Arsenal won three times with the score 3:0. The coefficients for these outcomes ranged from 6.00 to 35.00. If you look closely, in each League you can find teams that often play with a certain score.
Place bets on low-performing teams. It is much easier to predict the exact score in the range 0:0 – 2:2 than to try to predict the result, like 4:3. It is best if the team often wins or loses with a score of 1:0. The coefficient on this score will not be as high as 4:3, but the probability of this result is very high.
Do not play in such markets at the beginning of the season. Last year's successes and failures of the teams will not tell you anything at the beginning of the season. Usually teams thoroughly strengthened in the offseason, in addition it is not clear what game they are in season.
Ignore matches with a clear outsider. It will be very difficult to predict the result. An outsider can give a fight to a favorite and lose with a minimum score (or even win), and can weakly merge the game and save strength for the next match with a less strong opponent.
Try to predict the outcome of the game. It will be much easier to do. If you are sure of the outcome, you can bet on several options for the exact account. For example, bets on 1:0, 2:0 and 2:1.
Do not put in games overly motivated opponents. Over-motivation can affect the game in different ways. The team can tune in and win, and can burn out before the game and lose with a crushing score.
Do not bet on the exact score of friendly matches. For the match the coaches can produce the most unpredictable lineups, and certainly the rate will be made not on the result, and the testing of different game schemes.
Correct score betting

Bookmaker's inflated margin. In addition, it is very difficult to calculate.
It is difficult to predict the exact score. Too many minor nuances affect this.
Few game strategies in this market. Those that are in the public domain, 99% loss.
Professional bettors avoid betting on the exact score due to the fact that it is difficult to calculate the probability of a particular outcome. For them it is much easier to put on a total or an outcome with a handicap and in many ways they are right. Bets on the exact account only seem to be profitable because of the high coefficients, but in most cases they do not justify themselves. Play in this market is very difficult and achieve success at such rates only a few.

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