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Välkommen till! är en svensk site som främst inriktar sig på programmering och spelutveckling. Vi har en hel del resurser för dig som är intresserad av dessa områden, bland annat ett artikelarkiv där du kan läsa guider om programmering, ett forum där du lätt kan få hjälp när du kört fast och ett filarkiv där du kan publicera dina program. Ta en titt här på en lista av funktioner och bra startpunkter. Hoppas att du kommer trivas bra här på Blinkenlights, och lycka till med programmeringen!

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Kaufen Sie Mandrax 300mg online in Deutschland ohne Rezept 0 16:28 - Idag av williams
Canon Pixma MG3600 Printer Setup and installation 0 13:25 - Idag av canonijsetup
Canon Pixma MG3600 Printer Setup and installation 0 13:22 - Idag av canonijsetup
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malegra 100

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Malegra 100 is used to treat male sexual function problems (impotence or erectile dysfunction-ED). In combination with sexual stimulation, sildenafil works by increasing blood flow to the penis to help a man get and keep an erection.

Judiciary losing its Credibility

Skrivet av molitics (09:01 - Idag) | Kommentarer (0)

Justice Arun Mishra of Supreme Court gave a speech at the ‘International Judicial Conference 2020’, the topic of which was - “Judiciary and the changing world.” This was not an ordinary conference.
That speech has come into controversy now.
In that speech, Justice Arun Mishra said, ‘the PM Modi is a versatile genius, who thinks globally and acts locally’.
The union government is the biggest litigant before the Supreme Court and there is something called presumption of the constitutionality which is not healthy for a democracy like India.

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Presumption of Constitutionality
Whenever parliament passes a law, the SC assumes that this law is constitutional. It is for the petitioners to prove that this law is unconstitutional and if the petitioners prove that this law is unconstitutional, SC will strike that law down. But if a SC Judge praises the member of the executive , the PM, it takes this presumption of constitutionality to another level.
Now, not only laws passed by the parliament are presumed to be constitutional, it also would mean that the actions of the executive would also be deemed as constitutional by the judges.

Restatement of Values of Judicial Life
In 1997, the SC created a charter called ‘Restatement of Values of Judicial Life’. According to this charter, every judge, at all times, must be conscious that he is under the public gaze. This means that even if a judge admires a political leader personally, he/she is expected to keep that admiration to themselves and not let it affect their opinions.

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So, when a judge praises an executive, it creates unnecessary doubt about the independence of the judiciary. The Indian Supreme Court is viewed as one of the strongest and most powerful constitutional courts in the world. It is perhaps the only country in the world where judges are appoints themselves. It is viewed that the judiciary should be independent so that there should be no interference by the executive.
But the speech of Justice Mishra has said something that can’t be understood. On one hand, the Judiciary should be independent but at the same time, a sitting judge of the SC is openly praising the executive.

People may also argue that the judge is also a product of the society and can praise a political leader if he gets impressed just like another man.
But we can’t treat both of them equally. There should be a different yardstick for a judge and a different yardstick for a layman. It is unbecoming of a sitting judge of the SC to publicly praise a member of the executive.

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Supreme Court derives its strength from the constitution.Powers of the SC are given by the Constitution and Supreme Court is also the final interpreter of the constitution.
But how can one ensure that this Supreme Court is also an institution of credibility.
We can only ensure that the Supreme Court is a credible institution only if people have faith in the Supreme Court.
The Supreme Court draws its strength from the constitution but it draws its credibility from the faith people repose in the Supreme Court.
But if the Judges of the Supreme Court starts publicly praising the executive, that’s the biggest litigant in India, then it erodes the faith of the public in this institution.


Bitcoin wallet Development

Skrivet av andreaben (08:41 - Idag) | Kommentarer (0)

Are you seeking reliable cryptocurrency wallet development services to fuel your wallet development journey? If yes, bring an end to your search with Antier Solutions.
Antier Solutions is leading the blockchain development game with over five years of experience in blockchain. We are trusted by SMEs and large enterprises across the globe for our secure, scalable and user-friendly products that help in market penetration.
Our expertise lies in delivering customized wallet development services to cater diverse needs of our clients. We specialize in:
•    Building a fully-customized crypto wallet from ground zero
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How to Cancel AOL Email Charges

Skrivet av jackmartin (04:41 - Idag) | Kommentarer (0)

Being the widely used email service provider, AOL has millions of users. Providing reliable services, world-class features and powerful security options, this email service provider has become the heart of everyone. Exclusive of these premium features, if you are an AOL advanced plan member or have subscribed to its paid version, then you must be familiar with its amazing plans. Aren’t you!

But in case, if you wish to cancel the AOL email charges and create a free email account, then we have got you covered in this blog. This blog comprises of the steps you can follow and apply in order to cancel the AOL email charges successfully. But if you still face trouble to follow the process, you can directly have words with our certified and technical experts at AOL customer care, who will assist you in every possible manner. Our technical specialists at AOL are accessible all around the clock to fix the issues of their customers via live support.

Go one by one with these below-mentioned steps to cancel the AOL email charges successfully.
•    The first step would be to open the AOL page and access the account on your website
•    Done sign in? Now go to ‘my services’ option
•    Hit the ‘subscription’ button and after that, click on ‘manage’ the plans
•    Now, without any doubt, hit ‘cancel’ button and ‘cancel my billing’
•    After clicking the above option, you will be asked why you want to cancel the subscription
•    Go ahead and select your reason for cancelling from the drop-down menu
•    Hit ‘cancel my billing’

After going through these simple steps, check if you have actually cancelled the AOL subscription. And now, you are good to go with the free AOL account. In case, if you stuck in between the process, don’t hesitate to reach out to our expert techies at AOL helpline number. Our professional technicians are well-qualified, smart and can resolve all your doubts on one go.

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Source URL: How to Cancel AOL Email Charges

How to disable McAfee Site advis

Skrivet av johnmartin03 (10:36 - 26:e Februari 2020) | Kommentarer (1) - Being Worldwide’s leading internet protection antivirus software, McAfee offers superior protection by providing the stability apps that can be used for company, college, and personal purposes. It provides top-class security services from virus and other malware attacks. It is quite well known because of its compatibility with the internet sites such as Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, and M¬icrosoft Internet Explorer. It provides security to the sites when browsing the world wide web. And, that is the reason it considers as the most reliable software for its unbeatable features.

But in case if you are using this antivirus software for the first time, you might be facing issues of disabling McAfee site advisor. It merely depends upon you that how you use this software. For instance, Mcafee site advisor might suddenly stop working or perhaps there would be the crashing of files on your desktop unexpectedly. This is the main reason to access the Mcafee site advisor. In order to disable the Mcafee site advisor without having the malfunction, you can either follow the below-mentioned steps for the better understanding or go on to mcafee activate to disable Mcafee site advisor.

Look at these below-elaborated steps to know how you can disable Mcafee site advisor from your system:
•    The first step which you will have to do is to click the ‘Mcafee app icon’ on your system
•    Now the next step would be to get the cursor on the ‘begin menu’ and go to ‘program files’, or you can also click on ‘control-panel’
•    Now click on ‘web and network’ option that would be seen under the protection center control panel
•    After selecting this above option, you can also obtain the use of altering the preferences for Mcafee site advisor on your system
•    Now, it’s time to change the standing of Mcafee site advisor
•    Click on ‘empower’ that will probably get changed to ‘disable’ and will remove most of ‘siteadvisor’ on your system
•    Click and select the ‘save preferences’ in order to continue keeping the Mcafee site advisor app syncing
•    Click ‘ok’ and restart your PC

If you’re still finding these above-mentioned steps a daunting task to be followed or unable to resolve it, you can directly contact our professional experts. Or if you have made your mind to make the mcafee activate product key again, you can directly go on McAfee Antivirus official website to do so.

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