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Välkommen till! är en svensk site som främst inriktar sig på programmering och spelutveckling. Vi har en hel del resurser för dig som är intresserad av dessa områden, bland annat ett artikelarkiv där du kan läsa guider om programmering, ett forum där du lätt kan få hjälp när du kört fast och ett filarkiv där du kan publicera dina program. Ta en titt här på en lista av funktioner och bra startpunkter. Hoppas att du kommer trivas bra här på Blinkenlights, och lycka till med programmeringen!

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How Freelance Engineers are Addi

Skrivet av kotifield (11:34 - Idag) | Kommentarer (0)

How Freelance Engineers are Adding Value to Businesses

Telecommunication internet service providers invest billions of dollars into advancing the field and maintaining their vast networks. They are known for their innovation, but that innovation has been stymied by the lack of in-house engineers with the right skillset to efficiently offer solutions to problems and questions. Instead, companies are spending vast amounts of time looking for the right in-house employee when a significant number of top-tier engineers can be found offering the services as telecom field engineers. Looking for engineers outside of their company can save companies money and time as well as putting them into contact with next generation of field engineers.

Escorts service provider

Skrivet av Deepak (13:16 - 12:a November 2019) | Kommentarer (0)

Behaviors for Competition

Skrivet av chloebailey (12:34 - 12:a November 2019) | Kommentarer (0)

To achieve success, every person should be able to recognize his/her strengths and weaknesses. Objective self-estimation plays a crucial role in any endeavor, no matter if it is a sports competition or a school bee. Under the example of the film "Akeelah and the Bee", this paper will discuss the possible obstacles that may prevent a person from reaching the goals, how they can be avoided, and what features make an individual a successful competitor.
One of the most dangerous factors, when speaking about achieving success, is an underestimation. It was a problem of the main heroine in the film “Akeelah and the Bee”. The young girl was clever enough to outspell everyone in school, but she did not dare to compete in the school bee because of being too unconfident in her abilities. She refuses to take part in the competition until her principal threatens her with detention (Stevens). The girl has too many fears that hamper her from taking an active part in the life of the school: the fear of losing, fear to become a laughing-stock and the fear to disappoint her teachers and people who were close to her. Only after her professor Joshua Larabee helped her to get rid of those fears, she starts to believe in herself, tries to do her best and finally achieves success in school and later the national competition. Therefore, having set a goal to achieve, a person should believe in him/herself, keep the dream in mind and never abandon it since doubts lower the chances to succeed. Moreover, the fear of rivals is a major obstacle on the way to success. Nevertheless, sound assessment of the competitors’ strengths and weaknesses can help to get prepared both mentally and physically. The main thing to concentrate on when starting a competition is to think about how to do one’s best possible, and only after that whether another person can do it better. In a few words, it should be kept in mind that the key to success always lays inside an individual. Being unconfident will never help in achieving the desired results. Therefore, children and adolescents require help and constant support to create the right mood and positive attitude. What is more, children may find it difficult to control their emotions; thus there is the need for peer support. It can be a coach or a teacher; nevertheless, parents are the ones playing a crucial role in this regard. They have the biggest influence on their children and, therefore, can motivate or demotivate them.
It should also be noted that one of the most important components of achieving the desired results in a competition, as well as any other sphere, is the support of people who are close. In the film, Akeelah's mother is against her participation in the spelling bee; making the girl feel hurt and disappointed. The woman ignores the importance of the event, thinking that it was just a game, and does not pay enough attention to her daughter's preparation and ambition to win. Meanwhile, Akeelah finds support in her coach, Professor Joshua Larabee, who takes responsibility for her training and treats her like a daughter. The real inspiration comes when, under the professor's pressure, the girl's mother begins to express support and starts to take an active part in Akeelah's preparation. The help of parents is very important, but, at the same time, the excess of care and pressure can play a negative role. A child can reject and protest against the idea of participating in any competition if it is against his/her will or the parents` put too much pressure.
Another vital element of becoming a good competitor is being a real professional in the competition sphere. It means that one should strive to obtain as much knowledge and skills as possible. In other words, extensive training and diligence are the keys to raising one’s competitiveness. Therefore, sole family support is not enough. A person should work hard on their way to success. When the goal is set, a way to its realization should be determined. The plan must be developed and realized step by step. A good coach may help to create a plan of action. In the movie, the professor is an example of such a person. He explains Akeelah what she has to do to succeed in the national bee and the girl, in her turn, works hard and listens to her teacher. Such cooperation leads her to success.
Discipline is crucial, as well. Once the way to the victory is being determined, one should never give up. Commitment should be especially strong when everything seems to be very good and self-confidence overwhelming. At a particular moment, a person may relax, think about having some rest and, as a result, lose everything. The crucial issue here is the determination to win. Not letting people or circumstances distract you during the preparation is extremely important. It is a well-known fact that only hard-working people achieve their goals. The lazy ones always stay aside and become losers. You may use it for case briefing example.
Motivation is a determining factor in the aspiration to win. It stimulates a person to work, moves forward and achieves. However, for every person motivating factors can be different. For someone, it can be money, glory, and respect of others, love, or just the possibility to feed the family. Anyway, without motivation people would hardly do something, having no reason to struggle. Moreover, as it has been discussed earlier, for children it is paramount to have someone who will explain the importance of the endeavor and support them. Usually, the stronger the motivation – the higher are the goals. The best way to motivate students to study is to explain how their academic achievements will influence the quality of their future lives. In Akeelah's case, one of the motivations was the memories about her father who was also keen on spelling and the desire to prove to her mother that the preparation for the competition was not a waste of time. Also, she had a sense of great responsibility to everyone who believed that she would become a champion.
In conclusion, it can be seen that to achieve success and become a good competitor, there are particular rules that should be always kept in mind. The first crucial element is self-confidence. Only confident people can be successful in any competition; any fear or uncertainty will decrease the chances to win. Support is something that really helps; without support, a person may feel lonely or desperate on the long way towards the goal. Proper support and guidance are crucial when the hard moments come. In addition, without hard work, nothing would work either. One should do everything and learn as much as possible to become competitive. The last but not the least factor is motivation. If a person is not motivated the work would seem especially hard. One should understand the reason of his/her actions and be highly motivated to fight for success and compete in the best way possible.

aol email customer support

Skrivet av elllasmith250 (04:38 - 12:a November 2019) | Kommentarer (0)

How to Change Your Account Recovery Settings on AOL Mail

While signing up for any new account, you must enter the account recovery settings so that you can use this information at times of need. Whether you need to recover your forgotten password or delete your account, you have to enter the recovery information to get hold of it. The recovery information that is entered by you in your AOL account includes a phone number, recovery mobile number, and email address and security question along with the correct answer. If you want to know how you can add or change the security information in your account, then this blog contains every information. You can also speak with professionals via aol email customer service number to clarify all your queries. The support number stays accessible 24*7 round the clock despite time and location constraints.

Steps to Change the Account Recovery Settings of AOL Mail
One should always follow the below-mentioned steps to change the AOL Mail account recovery settings:

⮚    Go to the official page of AOL Email on the internet browser of your choice. By entering the correct username and password, you need to sign in to your AOL account.
⮚    Once you are successfully logged in, AOL Email main page will appear on the screen. Check the button of “Options” present on the right corner and then click on the Account Info.
⮚     You will be directed to the new page, where you will be asked to answer the security questions associated with your account. After typing the secret answer, you have to click on the Next button.
⮚    After giving the correct answer, you can see the page containing “Account Recovery Information” of your email account. There are four options along with the Edit button present with all of them.
⮚    The first option shows the mobile number linked with your account. If you have not added any number, then you can use the 'Add' button to feed the new number and if you wish to change the already added number. Then you can use the Edit option to change the number, which is followed by a code on your number to activate the linkage process.
⮚    If you wish to change or add the 'Alternate phone number' to your account, then you can use Edit or Add option respectively.
⮚    For adding and changing the alternate email address, you can likewise link email to your account. You have to check your email for the link to confirm the process.
⮚    For altering the security question, click on the Edit button, chose the question of your choice from the drop-down menu given, and then enter the correct answer for it. Click on the ‘Save’ button to save the changes.
⮚     After reviewing the changes made by you, click on the 'Done' button.
Once you have successfully edited the AOL Email recovery settings, you have made your account highly secure. However, if at any point, you got confused, then you immediately have to reach out to customer care team by dialing aol email technical support that stays put at all hours. The experts are having complete knowledge of AOL Email and issues associated with it so the solution given by them will be accurate.

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How to delete a hacked AOL accou

Skrivet av taylorswift (04:53 - 11:a November 2019) | Kommentarer (0)

AOL due to its amazing and user-friendly services, surely becomes the most preferred software by thousands of people across the world. It offers a stress-free user-interface and a free email service. It has made lives quite easy for people, and they use it for navigating through the web, news, weather forecast, and many more. However, one of the annoying things that can happen with anyone is when their account gets hacked. If this happens with you, then you can delete the hacked AOL account and create a new one. To do so, kindly follow the entire blog; and for any further doubts feel free to contact aol support phone number.

Reasons why someone deletes the AOL account
Apart from the account getting hacked, there can be different reasons due to which a user decides to delete the account. Some of them include
    Not able to send and receive mails
    AOL website doesn’t load
    Issues in the ‘Account Settings’
    Not supported in Windows

Steps to follow to delete the hacked account
Here is a list of some of the general and easy steps that the users can try manually. Do not procrastinate on this matter as your personal information is at stake.
    On the internet browser, type ‘’ (without parenthesis)
    Log in to the account ( using your username and password)
    After that, click on ‘My Account’ at the bottom of the page.
    Now, select ‘Manage my Subscription.’
    Answer the security question that follows and then click on ‘Forgot password.’
    Look for a confirmation mail in your email ID.
    Tap on the link in the email and then proceed to reset the password
    Now, on the AOL page, click on ‘Cancel.’
    You will be shown the list of services that won't be accessible once you delete the account
    From the reasons enlisted, choose anyone for deleting the account
    After that click on Okay
    Your account is successfully deleted

While executing the given steps, if you come across any difficulty, then feel free to dial aol customer service. You can directly have a word with the experts, and they will help you to resolve all your queries.

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Source URL: How to delete a hacked AOL account


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